I enjoy working at Sutterfield because: There is a strong sense of comradery and a shared determination of going that extra mile, that plus one in 101%. Everyone is supportive in their own way, not just to co-workers and clients, but also to various parts of the community. Day-to-day, my position is fascinating – helping people invest in the future while watching how the economy moves and reacts to events both within and without the country. There’s a constant inflow of learning, and unending situations to puzzle out.

When I’m not at work: You can find me walking my dog, cooking meals, or cheering on my niece at soccer. I’m constantly getting lost in a book series or diving deep into one fandom or another. There is an endless amount of inspiration and ideas to find in the world; be it at a local fair, a hole-in-the-wall while travelling, or an abstract concept written down or put up on the silver screen. They say variety is the spice of life, and I’m always trying to add to my own collection.

Interesting Fact: I’m from the wild west, right next to the Big Bend in the Rio Grande. The kind of place where people still use hitching posts, know the difference between a real vaquero and a ranch hand, and empty stretches of desert light up under the full moon and an unfathomable bounty of stars. So far out west that the mayor of the town next door was a goat, like something out of a John Wayne film. His name was Clay Henry, and they named a street after him.

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