I enjoy working at Sutterfield because It is a place that invests so much time, effort and energy into their clients and their employees. SFG truly cares about each person which makes us just a big family with different expertise. I enjoy working at SFG because, I am involved with so many clients and can create strong business relationships. Being able to be apart of something bigger than myself is rewarding.

When I’m not at work You will find me spending as much time as possible with my kids and family. I enjoy baking and crafting with my kids. I’m normally that parent you see climbing on the jungle gym with their kids, and just being silly with them.

Interesting Facts I was born and raised in Nebraska and moved to Oklahoma in 2010. I have 3 cats, a black one named Roush, a white one named Olaf and a Lynx Point Siamese named Turbo.

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